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Sewer (Storm and Sanitary Connection/Installation), Watermain, and Roadworks – Including Asphalt, Curb and Gutter, Sidewalk

Civil construction certainly does not get the recognition it deserves with the majority of this critical infrastructure either being buried, overlooked, or taken for granted. At MGI Construction Corporation, we acknowledge the significance of infrastructure for a nation’s economic development and prosperity and offer a host of site services to meet progressive growth strategies. Our areas of expertise include:

Sewer Systems (Storm/Sanitary)

Watermain Connections, Replacement/Repair and Installation

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With aging infrastructure steadily becoming a central concern for Canada as a whole, prospective maintenance and management must be handled properly. Subsurface plumbing, for instance, is a highly specialized field that requires specialized knowledge, equipment, and experience. The drastic changes in temperature and weather conditions over the seasons cause the ground to shift and in older, built-up areas, this issue is magnified. Improper maintenance can lead to inconvenience and disservice—where at the very worst, can put the public health at risk. Knowledge and experience hence play a critical role in handling these complications which extend to:

  • Hydraulic issues caused by varying pipe diameters and other factors
  • Watermain work may also entail road rehabilitation
  • Compliance with varying Municipal requirements as to safety and the environment

With our experience and expertise, we can sort out these complications, assess the infrastructure and determine the rehabilitation or reconstruction requirements to get the job done right with an emphasis on environmental responsibility. We use registered recycling facilities to dispose of all debris as per MOECC and MOL guidelines and can help with your LEED certification as well.

Health and Safety are an integral part of all our projects and we’ve developed comprehensive Health & Safety policies which all our staff adhere to for the duration of any construction project.

We cautiously navigate through the procedures and processes in order to ensure the project is completed in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Think Green: ask us about our LEED certification requirements and assistance programming.

Attention to detail to both what’s exposed as well as what’s buried.