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Careers at MGI Construction Corporation

Some seek construction careers where others are driven by a greater civic-duty. MGI Construction Corporation is a private multifaceted construction organization that employs a bold complement of on-site staff. Our teams include project managers and coordinators, heavy equipment operators, a diverse set of skilled trade members and craft labour. We also employ support teams consisting of estimators, HSE managers, and administration and development officers.

The spirit of our team extends beyond transactional employment and embraces those who wish to contribute to a continually growing organization that acknowledges the force of the industry and the grit of its community in constructing history. We have continuing admiration for our many team members who work tirelessly to accomplish these ends. We operate with an embedded sense of personal responsibility, courage, and commitment toward organizational achievement.

Candidates seeking an employer that promotes inclusion and engagement while aiming to contribute to a greater purpose is nothing new. However, the last several decades have provided a less than optimal environment for those wishing to bring their talents to a remarkably rewarding and impactful industry. Our objective is to provide a clearer voice to these discussions and spark a renewed interest in these matters. In fact, our entire management philosophy and business strategy revolve around it. As a result, MGI is an ideal home for individuals in search of construction careers in Ontario.

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We do not pretend that the success of our organization has been the result of any one event, action, or individual. Instead, our success is due to the persistent and deep-rooted character of each member of our team. Simply stated, celebrating the virtue of an honest dayís work forms the backbone of our team.

The true purpose of work is to benefit peopleóboth in their doing and in their product. The success of our organization is based on learning to achieve productivity through peopleónot by mapping them. But through challenging them to develop and ritualize their talents, skills, and abilities fully. Our secret is in providing people with the opportunity to assume valued and socially useful roles that allow them to apply their creative intellect in a hands-on environmentóaimed at constructing a better future for themselves and our society. Whatís stopping us from making the construction industry the most rewarding one? We already believe it is, itís our goal to provide you with an invitation to experience it for yourself.

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