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Your Guide to a Career in the Construction Industry

Your Guide to a Career in the Construction Industry

May 5, 2019

Author - MGI Construction Admin

MGI Construction Admin.

A career in construction is one of the most rewarding employment paths and is chock-full of opportunities for future growth and advancement. With careers that range from engineers to managers to financial advisors, our industry attracts a wide host of people with an even wider set of skills and experiences—and it’s here to stay.

We constantly strive to improve, and with an inclination for growth, we require experts in their craft to join our growing team. In this, we’ve launched a platform to appeal to those eager to develop their ventures in Constructing History. Here, we outline seven sections that will guide you to a successful application.


After briefing you with the culture of our organization, the bottom of the page will feature an “Explore Opportunities” section. There are 4 areas of employment for a potential MGI applicant: On-site, Off-site, Internship, and Hybrid.


This dropdown menu will include positions that spend the lion’s share of time directly on project sites. Positions include but are not limited to Construction Labourer, Heavy Equipment Operator, AZ Driver, DZ Driver, Layout Surveyor, Site Superintendent.


In this dropdown menu, you will find positions that split their work and time between our project sites and our office.  Positions include but are not limited to Project Manager, HSE Manager/Coordinator, Business Analyst, HR Generalist, and Media Relations Manager.


This dropdown menu will include positions where the scope of your work and time spent will be at our office in Toronto, Ontario. Positions include but are not limited to Estimator, Office Assistant, Office Manager, Controller, and Web Developer.


At MGI, we believe that the future lies in our youth. This is why we offer a diverse amount of internships for students currently enrolled, or about to graduate from, a college or university program. The internships we offer provide invaluable exposure to the industry and better situate you for an enduring and rewarding career in the construction industry. Both paid and unpaid positions are offered and will vary throughout the year. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on opportunities that are offered.


The dropdown menus will include all positions that we offer for respective areas of employment. When you are brought to the overview page, you will see the title of the position that you are applying for.  To reassure that you are applying for the right area of employment, above the job title will feature an “On-site”, “Off-site”, “Hybrid”, or “Internship” icon. Below the job title, there is an option to “Download as PDF” which allows you to download the information of the position that you are applying to. This option makes it convenient for you to compare multiple positions at once when trying to find your preferred fit within our organization or share the position with a friend!


This section is meant to provide you with an overview of the services that we provide and how they are categorized—including core elements regarding the scope of work.  Our service offerings would be particularly important for you to make note of as you may be placed in one or multiple divisions—letting us know which division/s you have expertise in is helpful for us in determining this.

The job description provides a generalized overview of the position that you are applying for. This includes typical hours of work, location of, and a briefing of the type of work you will be engaging with.  For example, Demolition & Abatement shows that we complete work in areas such as concrete recycling, aggregate crushing, and complete interior/exterior demolition. This information gives you a baseline of what machinery, materials, and/or the environment you will be exposed to.


This section is meant to give you an overview of the duties that you will be responsible for completing. The responsibilities are an overview of what you can expect from your role in Constructing History.


This section outlines the skills and training that will bolster your chances of a successful application for the position/s you intend to apply for. Training with certain tools, machinery, and software programs may be provided.


We believe that it is important to know what your expected salary is when applying to any job opportunity. For this section on our careers page, we outline your expected hourly wage range, and, on the downloadable PDF version, we provide an annual pay band for the position of interest.


The final step in this process is submitting your application to us. Once you have selected the position that you are interested in applying for, submitting your resume/CV is simple. Enter your name, email, and the position that you are applying for in the form provided. Once you have completed this, attach your resume/CV under the “Choose File” tab and hit “Send.” PDF or Word documents are preferred.

MGI Construction Corp. has an open hiring policy, enabling you to apply anytime! We thank you in advance for joining us in Constructing History and we enthusiastically look forward to hearing from you!


1. Further questions or concerns regarding career opportunities should be forwarded to careers@mgicorp.ca
2. MGI Construction Corp. is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.