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Demolition Clearance at Mississauga Mega-Mall

Demolition Clearance at Mississauga Mega-Mall

March 17, 2019

Author - MGI Construction Admin

By: MGI Construction Admin.

Many know of Mississauga as the second largest city in the Greater Toronto Area (after, well, Toronto). In fact, Mississauga is also the sixth largest city in the country, one of the largest suburbs on the continent, and home to the shopper’s paradise known as the Square One Shopping Center. With 360 stores spread over a 2,200,000 sq. ft. retail utopia, Square One is the second largest mall in Canada, outsized only by the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta.

Our team at MGI Construction Corp. is currently undertaking a ~15,000 sq. ft. interior demolition project at Square One—removing walls, partitions, mechanical and electrical equipment, entrance doors, ceilings, floor tiles, and further. This project is scheduled for completion by the end of May 2019. There is also, as it happens, an entirely separate project that MGI currently has underway at Square One for upgrades to Hazel McCallion Campus at the Sheridan School of Business. These upgrades include new spaces for study, socializing and recreation, and are expected to improve the general quality of student life significantly.



From Simons opening in December 2013, Target closing in April 2015, to Holt Renfrew opening in March 2016, Square One is constantly changing and evolving. One of its original anchor stores from its first construction completion in 1973 was Sears. With the changes of the times, just as the Sears catalogue had lost its once clear monopoly within the erotic arts and entertainment genre, the Sears Square One store location eventually closed down (in June 2013).

But for every shop one may see closing in Mississauga, there is likely more than one shop opening. With high-rises over 50 stories, areas of Mississauga these days are becoming more concentrated and more urban. With new architecture, inevitably will come new construction. The MGI team is enthusiastic to be contributing in our part, through our skills, our expertise, and the hard work we are doing now at the Square One Shopping Center.