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Delivering Big in Burlington

Delivering Big in Burlington

February 3, 2019

Author - MGI Construction Admin

By: MGI Construction Admin.

Canada Post mail carriers are a hard-working bunch. The company’s geographical region of delivery services is the largest of anywhere in the world—including Russia. While covering these ultramarathon distances, the mail carriers of this country must also brave the elements: slippery ice, ankle-deep snow, and great gusts of bone-chilling winter winds. And this is not even to mention the frequent and well-known attacks faced by family pets.

Now, at the new Canada Post Delivery Centre on Heritage Road in Burlington, Ontario, our team is constructing a 3,600 square meter warehouse as well as an office area and 287 on-site parking lots for cars and trucks. Services performed included the earthworks and site clearing, grading plan, site servicing, and the excavation and backfill of the new building’s foundation walls. This is an estimated 10-month project, which began in October 2018 and is scheduled for substantial completion this coming July 2019.



Ever since Pedro Da Silva became the first officially-commissioned courier in what was then New France (now Quebec), those of the True North Strong and Free have relied on Canada Post’s services for everything from tax returns, updates on their grandmothers’ knitting clubs, to coupons for free steeped tea at their local Tim Horton’s franchise. The company is a part of Canadian heritage, as can be felt through each special-edition commemorative stamp featuring John A. MacDonald, Rocket Maurice Richard, or a smiling polar bear.

As you may have heard, in recent history some Canada Post workers have made requests for the addressing of workplace injuries, pay equity, and control over their working hours. Negotiations took place over the course of about a year, escalating on October 22, 2018, with a series of rotating strikes across the country. One month later, on November 22, the federal government introduced legislation to end the strikes.

As a cheerful note, throughout the political disagreements, all letters to Santa were still delivered diligently.


1 Photo Credit: Nathan Medcalf